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FAA airman Certificate small unmanned aircraft system 

I"m Paul I moved to Cape Ann  in 2000. Previous to moving here I lived in California. Usually the first thing people will say to me when they find out is "why the hell did you move here?" lol
Well to be honest I have lived all over the world. So I have some reference in saying that Cape Ann is special place and I absolutely adore living here. My father is Filipino and my mother is Scottish, quite the mix huh? I was born in Scotland and my younger sister in Spain. We grew up somewhat like gypsies moving to a different country or state every two years or so. This being the result of my Dad being in the United States Navy which he retired from. Eventually joining the Merchant Marines and retiring from that. School was always a bit difficult especially when English wasn't the national language ha ha. My education wasn't really in academics as much as in people, places and cultures. Its given me an open mind and the ability to connect with people regardless of social class, ethnicity or religion. I believe its helped me to see things from different perspectives which can be great tool for a photographer.
I now live in Magnolia with my girl Brooke. I have a son and daughter at Gloucester High School , stepson at U Mass Amherst and another making his way in the cad cam world. I'm so very proud of them all.

                                                                                                             and yes ,  I'm wearing my daughters head band.